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“Our success is measured by how successful our clients are.”

Our Company

TaveTose Consulting is an internationally recognized, boutique consulting company, headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, focused on providing a range of management consulting services to all scales of companies. Our clients include private companies, non-governmental organisations, parastatals, philanthropic organisations, small and medium enterprises. Our strength lays in the fact that we offer bespoke business solutions which are aligned to the organisations corporate strategy that is specific to the environment of operation.
These solutions are derived from the use of proven cutting edge business techniques, tools and trends. TaveTose’s ability to offer these unique solutions lays in our unique business model that enables us to analyse the unique nature of an organisation, its products & services, resources, target market and strategic objective in order to develop a solution that becomes a tool to catapult an organisation into its growth path.
Our success lies in the fact that we adopt a wide range of proven techniques and methodologies for success. We are a constantly growing and evolving team of experts in the business field with areas of expertise being in Business Strategy, Business Process Engineering, Business Development, and Fund Raising & Project Management.
TaveTose will assist organisations through the full business journey from businesses inception, early development of business concept, setting up the business structure, businesses growth path through to mature listed companies. Our services are offered in all industries not limited to service, retail, education, health, media production, farming, technology through to farming businesses.
We help to tip the scales in our clients’ favour by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that guarantee success in building a sustainable business model through the use of bespoke business solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be part of the success story for our clients from inception, to growth through to ma-turity and reinvention.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve this by adopting a business model that gains our clients access to cutting edge business management techniques, technology, resources and collaborations.

Our Values

Why Choose Us?

We are together for the long-run!
We thrive to offer our clients with the best services by ensuring that our work has bottom-line impact and focuses on measurability and accountability.

Our approach is collaborative, we take on a facilitative approach which is aimed at ensuring that our customers come out winners. The methods employed ensure that we take our client through a critical thinking and decision making process in order to develop solutions that are both efficient and relevant to our customers. We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our clients and believe in ensuring that there is trust and knowledge being built.

TaveTose has a large pool of top quality professional consultants all over the globe with specific expertise in a plethora of areas. We are only as good as our people, so we are committed to hiring and bringing you the best experts in the field. All of our consultants hold an MBA degree from the world’s top business schools. For each particular project or engagement, we assemble a team of first class multilingual experts in the given industry, function and geographic area, drawing on our global network. Our people are familiar with major local corporations and key community leaders and are well-versed in the intricacies of the region’s professional practices and nuances of local business culture.

Our Services

Tave Tose offers a wide range of products suited to making your business grow. With our experienced team we will be able to make you succeed.

ISO Training & Certification

TAVE Tose is an authorised partner for the recruitment of candidates that are interested in securing ISO Training & Certification. We ensure you gain access to all the ISO Standard Trainers of PECB. We facilitate the examination and certification process with PECB. This means that your certificate is directly linked to PECB, a globally recognised ISO certifying body.

Business Strategy

Business process reengineering, will help our clients identify opportunities and create strategies to improve day-to-day operations and overall processes.

Business Process Engineering

Business process reengineering, will help our clients identify opportunities and create strategies to improve day-to-day operations and overall processes.

Portfolio & Project Management

Tave Tose will assist a you in setting up successful projects. The success of any project within an organization is highly dependent on you skillfully adopting the project.

IT based Concept, Take To Market

Tave Tose has a team of talented consultants who will help bring your idea from being just a concept through to launch.

Business Development & Marketing

Tave Tose will assist in developing your business development unit which comprises of the sales & marketing team.

Fund Raising & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI)

Tave Tose has over 5 years’ experience working in the field of fund facilitation.

Web services and hosting

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