Sales Intern

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Deadline 22 February 2022

Responsible & reporting to: Operations Manager / Assigned Team Leader

Role Description

The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that all new and existing customers in the company database and dealing with the company are legitimate.


  1. Establish relationship with new customers.
  2. Able to sale new and existing products.
  3. Maintain and grow relationships with new and existing customers.
  4. Strive to improve customers satisfaction through excellent customer service
  5. Identify and respond to client needs.
  6. Keep a high level of knowledge about existing products and service and about new company products and services as they are introduced
  7. Follow up on customer orders and confirmations were necessary
  8. Anticipate clients need and solve them as needed.


  1. Skills to review and analyse information.
  2. Ability to get more information on entities.
  3. A high level of order / organisation and attention to detail.
  4. Capacity to meet set deadlines.
  5. Tech savvy to embrace technology and bring operational efficiencies at the Business Unit.
  6. Demonstrate professional and ethical values that build a compliance culture across the Company.
  7. Excellent communication skills.


  1. Studying towards a Diploma / Degree in Sales and Marketing or any equivalent qualification

Applications and CVs to be send through to: on or before the 22nd of February 2022.

Please supply the summarised details of your personality test below. The needed responses are found in your personality tests results. You can take the test at

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