Portfolio & Project Management

Tave Tose will assist a company in setting up successful projects. The success of any project within an organization is highly depended on the organization skill-fully adopting the project.

There is need for the setting of the project team or office that is highly motivated and that can align both the organizational strategic objectives together with those of the project.

TaveTose will work with our clients to effectively gather requirements, analysis, and documentation.

Our business requirements analysis projects typically include the following key activities:

Requirements Gathering

Tave Tose begins by working collaboratively with you to gather and analyze your requirements, goals, and strategic direction, as well as your key criteria and scenarios for your project. Through interactive requirements gathering sessions and in-depth one-on-one interviews with key project stakeholders we are able to achieve this.

Requirements Analysis

Tave Tose conducts focused and detailed business requirement analysis, drawing on best practices and extensive experience to ensure stakeholder needs are translated into actionable, detailed, and clearly defined requirements that set a solid vision and foundation for your project.

Requirements Documentation

After detailed analysis, Tave Tose documents requirements with a structured process based on best practices and delivers a detailed report of your requirements tailored to your specific needs. Tave Tose will ensure that documentation is specific, traceable, and clear, such that key project stakeholders can fully understand and reference requirements for project needs.

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