Fundraising & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI)


Tave Tose has had over 5 years’ experience working in the field of fund facilitation between development funders and the private sector. The development fund world has unique requirements in terms of the structure of the products or service that the private sector should offer in order to gain access to these funds. It is through this experience that Tave Tose offers such services to both the funders, benefactors as well as the service or product suppliers. Services include;


We identify the objectives of the donor, the ethos and values, conduct market research in order to determine the appropriate methods, vehicles and fund structure that needs to be put in place in order to the donor to gain maximum social impact.


We assist both NGOs and private sectors in sourcing funds from the donor community in order for them to implement either their products or services into the market.


We offer services to private institutions that are looking to set up corporate social responsible unit that will ensure that they conduct business in a socially sustainable manner, gain market share and ensure that they gain brand recognition within society.


The financial sector is increasingly turning to the IFC’s Performance Standards, the World Bank Group EHS Guidelines and the Equator Principles as they recognize how sustainability issues can materially impact the success of a project and/or a company’s performance and value. 

Tave Tose has experience working with financial institutions, development financial institutions, export credit agencies, project sponsors and other financial entities who value this model of financing. We can assist our clients, better understand and manage the environmental and social risks and enhance the opportunities associated with establishing projects, making investments and operating assets.

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